Secure your assets

Our cyber security experts can identify security risks that arise from the use of various technologies in your organization. Many threats may jeopardize your whole IT systems. Advanced security monitoring is essential to prevent and properly tackling these hazardous threats.

Protect your customers, ensure to protect yourself

Our IT Security experts have a large background of consulting services for administrations, start-ups, SMB and Defense Department, all deeply concerned by Cyber Defense issues.


GDPR compliance GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to protect customers' personal data.


Every companies operating in EU has to conform. Optix provide services to help companies to ensure they conform to GDPR regulation:

  • Understanding & conforming customers' rights
  • Information management regulation
  • Data encryption & protection

Improve your traffic SEM/PPC

Get a fresh presence online and reach much more customers ! With powerful SEM/PPC campaigns and Social Media strategies, Optix Webmarketing Team will optimize organic and paid traffic to your website. We combine full data and audience analysis before building a smart digital campaign, driving high-quality leads for your business.

SEM & PPC campaigns

Reach quickly a top position on Google First Page

Social Media Advertising

Boost your traffic, sales and brand recognition

Smart Email marketing

Customized emails to capture the attention of your customers

Ecommerce Audit

Get a complete webmarketing audit to increase online sales

Online Display Ads

Increase conversion rates with powerful display ads

Reports & Analytics

Optix provide you full webmarketing reports in plain language

Business Intelligence & Analytics BI


Optix Business Intelligence team combines a unique strength to understand your business data and distill the key performance indicators in order to make smart strategic decisions. Our mission: Providing you a clear and in-depth view of your business, including customized reports fact-based on BI metrics:

Exploring data and extracting insights by processing key data elements into dimensions and measurements

Organized data into full interactive reports in order to monitor the performance of your activities

Combining your data from many sources and making business forecasting

Maintaining a high quality of information in your organization

Best practices to collect and store useful data for reporting and analysis

About us Excellence

Established in 2011, Optix LTD is an innovative company based at Jerusalem Technology Park - Malcha. Our multidisciplinary team provide a 360-degree approach with personalized solutions for every business seeking to reach his online goals and secure his assets.

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